Social media on steroids: have we gone too far?

Despite the negative impact of  social media, we – development workers – remain its loyal user (or are we a product?). We are ecstatic about social media. Do we exaggerate the role of social media in our day-to-day job?

At the office, we update our status on multiple social media platforms, sometimes simultaneously. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer, you name it! We boast when someone famous retweet or like our post. We forget that “retweet doesn’t mean endorsement”.


Once a while, we send a blast email with a polite note, “could you please retweet or share our Facebook post?”.

The sugar rush over our social media goes on and on.

We tweet every single line of the speech delivered at a conference. We try to squeeze more than one hastag in 140 280 characters limit. How many hastags do we actually need in a tweet? Well, who cares?!

Field trip to exotic countries is another game. We meet our “beneficiaries” and take selfie wefie. “They love it”. Let’s tweet!

Often statistics and data are not our favourite subjects for discussion. However, we love counting “follower” and “like”. “We’ve got 10 more followers this month.” Ka-ching!