Joined23 August 2016
Despite the negative impact of  social media, we – development workers – remain its loyal user (or are we a product?). We are ecstatic about social media. Do we exaggerate the role of social media in our day-to-day job? At the office, we update our status on multiple social media... Read More
Ihar’s mom, Nadzieja, participates in a campaign against LGBTQ discrimination in Belarus: #StopHateBy. Journalists for Tolerance, a civic society organisation fighting for equal rights and freedom of speech, produces series of video with LGBTQ parents. The video is in Russian, hopefully they’ll put English subtitle soon. It’s now with English... Read More
No news is a good news, they say. But in 2017, we are constantly reminded to keep our digital lives active. So here I am sharing few updates from our humble flat in London. I am excited to finally joining Panoply Digital as Associate Consultant. Panoply Digital is well known... Read More
Non profit organisations needs high quality information to support their works. Robust and affordable data management systems is widely available in the market. Do they really need to build new systems themselves? The success of tech startups in Silicone Valley have inspired UK based non profit organisations including foundations and... Read More
In May 2017, Ihar and I went to Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (ESC).  I had never been to Eastern Europe, and this was a perfect opportunity to visit. “Don’t be afraid, we are safe. We’re entering the forest, a shortcut to the city. You will see a military station soon.”... Read More
I have started looking for a permanent employment after having a break from international development. My aim is to continue working in tech-related initiatives, this includes in the education sector. I managed to secure several interviews, some of them turned out to be an eye opening experience. As the recent study revealed,... Read More
I have the impression that British people like to tell stories, and they are very good at it. In contrast, I usually struggle to add some excitements in my own stories. My cultural background plays a big role in this: I was educated to speak less in any situations. “Diam... Read More
There is a growing ‘datafication’ within global development, where main actors like NGOs, donors, scholars and private companies use new technologies to generate large amount, machine-readable, and often in real-time, data for intervention purposes. Similar to AirBnB which disrupts travel industry, datafication within global development is regarded as silver lining for development,... Read More
Often seen as street art, graffiti nowadays becomes a symbol of fashionable neighbourhood. Graffiti, without a doubt, can be integrated with and beautify the urban environment. Take the example of London Shoreditch where many visitors are attracted by the fast changing graffiti displayed in the area. Graffiti artists compete to use... Read More