Halo. Hello.

My name is Eko Prasetyo. I was born in Indonesia and moved to the UK in 2015. I am currently based in London and live with my partner, Ihar. We left our home countries to seek safety, freedom, and equal opportunities. Things that are regarded as privilege, not rights, in many part of the world especially for LGBTQ+ people from working class background.

Credit: mySociety

Work wise, I consider myself as a practitioner with interest on the application and implication digital technologies for good governance and social justice. I’ve joined HackIT Team, London Borough of Hackney since 2019. My roles concentrate on how to make public procurement of digital products and services achieving its objectives, i.e. value for money, transparency, and accountability. I recently moved to a data governance role.

Prior to working in public sector, I built much of my career in the third sector: global development. I worked for well-known organisations including the UN and international NGOs with projects spread over in several countries. Some of the initiatives that I contributed as project officer, project manager and researcher are:

I have an M.Sc. in ICTs for Development from the University of Manchester and a BSc of Informatics Engineering from Islamic University of Indonesia. I also completed various technology related courses including Agile product development and internet governance.

I enjoy exploring museums, galleries, and cities when not working. I have been travelling to more than 30 countries in four continents despite having flight anxiety. Train and bike are my favourite mode of transport. Cycling isn’t suitable for London, unfortunately, fingers crossed things will change in near future.

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