Anotol Kuznyatsou. Polyphony. 1995.

Halo. Hello.

Technology—no matter how well designed—is only a magnifier of human intent and capacity. It is not a substitute. Kentaro Toyama

Credit: mySociety

My name is Eko Prasetyo. I’m a practitioner focusing on the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) initiatives. My interest lies on the application and implication that ICTs can have for good governance and social justice.

I’m currently a member of HackIT Team, London Borough of Hackney. My roles concentrates on the compliance and smooth delivery of ICTs procurement and contract management as well as the publication of contract information.

Prior to working in public sector, I built career in global development. I worked for several well-known organisations with projects spread over in number of countries. Some of the initiatives that I contributed as project officer/manager and researcher are:

I have an M.Sc. in ICTs for Development from the University of Manchester and a BSc of Informatics Engineering from Islamic University of Indonesia. I also completed various technology related courses including Agile product development and internet governance.

I enjoy exploring museums and cities when not working. I have been travelling to more than 25 countries in several continents despite having flight anxiety. Train and bike are my favourite mode of transport.

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