Summer updates

No news is a good news, they say. But in 2017, we are constantly reminded to keep our digital lives active. So here I am sharing few updates from our humble flat in London.

  • I am excited to finally joining Panoply Digital as Associate Consultant. Panoply Digital is well known for their great works in ICT4D related subject; this will open up opportunities to pursue project that I’m passionate about. My roles is quite broad involving writing proposals, project management, research and report authoring.
  • I write two blog posts for Panoply Digital. My first post argues why open government data should become an integral part of their eGovernment systems. The second post examines the connection between the 2030 Agenda and internet censorship in my homeland –¬†without free and open internet, Indonesia will struggle to achieve SDGs.
  • I will support GlobalGiving UK as Project Evaluator this autumn. More details will be shared soon after meeting with the team in September. As October 2017, I decided to withdraw my application from the initiative.
  • Moving away from ICT4D or non-profit related works, I continue helping Student Service Team at QA Higher Education in their London office. Some might not enjoy doing exam invigilation but I really love it. It’s almost therapeutic. What’s more to like than being able to work directly with university students from diverse background and disconnected from mobile phone for hours (and still get paid for it)? I have 8 exams to supervise this time, and I plan to write my experience soon.
  • The least exciting news: I am travelling to several cities in Portugal: Porto, Lisbon and Lagos this weekend. Please visit¬†my Instagram feeds for pictures.