A joyful ride. A boy rides his bike around the residence before sunset.
Tired and lonely. A young boy sits alone next to bike repairs vendor.
Developed country. The local newspaper publishes what so called Indian dream - being developed country by 2020.
Don't text and drive. People on motorbike stop their journey to make phone call. According to Nielsen, there were 27 millions smart phone users in urban India.
Abandoned phone box. More and more people switch from landline to mobile phones.
tech savvy. Monks make phone call before travelling.
If you've got it, flaunt it! Underwear products on display.
Everyone is entrepreneur. A man uses sidewalks to sell bananas to city residence.
Strong women. Women transport fruits and vegetables using a big basket sits top on their head.
Document boy needed. IT related jobs vacancy advertised on the street.
Self-confidence. A student in local school is pleased to have his picture taken.

Everyday lives in Bengaluru

In 2012, me and fellow students from ICT4D program, University of Manchester, traveled to Bangalore, India. We wanted to learn how the implementation of technology led projects in developing country context, and Bangalore was the perfect place for that.

During this short trip, I documented day-to-day activities of its people. With over than 8.5 million population, I saw similarities between Bangalore and Jakarta: heat, traffic and pollution. However, unlike Jakarta, people in Bangalore were more friendly, and their enthusiasm was contagious.